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Response24 is a leading provider of geopolitical intelligence, security alerts, and country risk assessments. Our services are designed to keep businesses and individuals informed of potential threats and opportunities around the world, allowing them to make informed decisions and stay safe in an ever-changing global landscape. 

Our web portal, GeoShield, is a powerful tool that provides access to a wealth of information on countries, regions, and other geopolitical factors. Users can view real-time security alerts, track emerging risks, and access detailed country risk assessments. With GeoShield, you can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions to protect your business and assets. In addition to our web portal, we also offer the Response24 App, available on iOS and Android. 

This app provides on-the-go access to the same great features and functionality as GeoShield, allowing you to stay informed and connected no matter where you are. With the Response24 App, you can receive real-time alerts, read detailed risk assessments, and access expert analysis and insights on the latest geopolitical developments. You can also add your travel plans, including flights, and request emergency support via an SOS button.

The Response24 alert and country risk data is also available via an API, which can be used in your own risk platforms and applications. To find out more about any of our services, please contact us at customerservices@response24.com


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